Investment Sales – Buyer & Seller Representation

On the sell-side, our services include financial analysis, valuation, strategic positioning, national marketing, and negotiation of letter-of-intent and purchase agreement.

On the buy-side, this includes finding owner-user commercial properties (from which a company runs their business), and investment properties – which are typically purchased and sold based on their rental income.

Landlord Representation

We commit to spending real dollars to make sure every possible tenant in the market knows about your space. We’re going to give you candid feedback, based on market-leading research and marketing, about how to be competitive in the marketplace so that everyone’s expectations align.

Tenant Representation

The right lease can elevate your brand, attract leading talent, and make a meaningful impact on your bottom line.

A lease represents a significant commitment of time and financial resources, which is why we partner with you to ensure your lease is not just a line item — it’s a competitive advantage. We do this by bringing together our industry partners and specialized market knowledge, coupled with a deep understanding of your business strategy, to achieve your goals.

1031 Exchange